Useful Links to Other Websites

Math Websites


PurpleMath (Algebra)
Math Kangaroo (contests)
Math Mammoth (worktexts and workbooks)
Basic Mathematics by Jetser Carasco
Math Activities in Chinese (数学活动索引)
GCSE Maths Revision Resources
See Math (animations of number and algebra concepts)
Math and Movement (using movement as part of math teaching)
Norman Shapiro's "Geometry Through Art"
Game Theory Lecture Notes
Sierpinski Gasket
Eric Weissteins World Of Mathematics (mathworld)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
NRICH Mathematics - monthly maths quiz and more French Maths Site - Island of Mathematics.
Bitesize maths (Scotland)
efg's computer lab Includes fractal pages and more on the sierpinski gasket
Am I in Pi ?
Game Theory .net
A slice of Pi Ever wondered about Pi, well find out.
WWW Maths Virtual Library World climate statistics.
UK Mathematics Trust Website
Puzzles from Maths For Fun
Maths for kids age 6 to 11
100 Great Mathematicians (a work in progress by Les Bill Gates)


Fun Websites

  Age Of Puzzles "A colorful journey through endless patterns of quick wits" is about puzzles, illusions, tricks and toys
Puzzles. Can you believe it?
Family Friendly Fun and Life Resources enhances the enjoyment of family life with special needs
Freeware Humpherlinks Loads of stuff for children
University of Toronto  This link will take you to the maths behind the Tower of Hanoi.
Interactive Fun Puzzles
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles


  Phillips Exeter Academy
The Kings School - Australia
College of St Mark and St John

Other Resources

  Teaching Treasures
The School Page Just about everything a teacher needs, including lesson plans and advice.
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