Games Index 2

Antz Ant Wars Game
Two person game.
Shuffle the numbers into the right order
Blob Game
Shift your blobs to squash the opposition.
Broken Calculator
Sam's calculator got smashed, but some of it still works. Can you help Sam get the answers?
Broken Calculator Flash
Also try Broken Calculator HTML5 version. Eric has smashed his calculator,...
Bulls and Cows
Discover the hidden code! Click, or use arrow keys, to change your guess in each box. (Bulls and Cows is similar...
Deep Grey
Simple but challenging logic game. The one that picks the last box wins.
Excentra Game
Move the little halo on the elastic. Confusing mouse game
FourSight - 3D Tic Tac Toe
To win: place four of your markers in a row (horizontal, diagonal or vertical).
Guess My Number
Guess a random number
Try to keep as many apples hanging as you can! Choose mathematics, or dogs, or many other subjects.
Magic Square Game
Put the pieces together so that the rows and columns add to 30.
Eliminate as many marbles as you can
Parking Lot Game
Move the cars around the jammed parking lot.
Peg Puzzles Game
Try Triangular Peg Solitaire instead. Jump over the pegs - leave...
Place It
Recreate the square from the crazy pieces...
Rotate the Pipes. This version has simple graphics but is much more challenging. Connect from left to right (if...
Plumber Game
Rotate the pipes!
Rotate the pipes so the plumbing goes just everywhere. Click the pipes.
Rotate the pipes so the plumbing goes just everywhere. Start from the middle. Click the pipes.
Addictive game! Place each piece carefully to capture nearby enemy pieces, but don't also get captured.
Reaction Time
Test your reaction time.
Simon Says
How long a sequence can you remember?
Triangular Peg Solitaire
Jump one peg over another into an empty spot, removing the jumped peg from the board. The goal is to finish with...
Mathionaire Addition Quiz
Test your addition skills, make a million.
Mathionaire General Math Quiz
Test your general math knowledge, make a million.
Mathionaire Multiplication Quiz
Test your multiplication skills, make a million.