Games Index 4

Billiard Tables
Why are you playing billiards ...? To master the multiplication tables, of course!
Connect 3D
A Three-Dimensional version of Four In A Line
Dots and Boxes
The classic dots-and-boxes game ... try to make more boxes than the computer
Direction (Bearing)
Follow the bearings (000° style) and click on the destination. You get points for being close, too. Click...
Direction (NSEW)
Follow the North, South, East and West directions and click on the destination. You get points for being close,...
Germ Defence
Stop the Germ Invasion! Use soap, iodine, antibodies, and fruit. In development. Let...
Hex Drums
Create some cool rhythms, using hexadecimal. Click to make a beat, or type in a hexadecimal number on the left.
Higher or Lower
Guess if the next card is higher or lower, and earn points! (Note: after each bet it skips cards that are very...
Knights Move 2
Simply move the knight (in legal knight chess moves) to every square on the board in as few moves as possible.
Use your arrow keys to make the ball hit the right answer, but avoid the green squares. A wrong answer makes the...
Mind Reader
Think of a number between 1 and 63, answer 6 simple questions, and the Mind Reader will reveal your number!
Minesweeper Risk
Clear the mines, but you may have to take a calculated risk!
Multiplication Game
Make four in a line using multiplication.
RayRay Game
Also try All Out Game Get these cute little guys to ALL stand up - click and see what...
Secret Messages
Now you can send secret message to your friends ... using simple cryptogtaphy.
Shape Shoot
Shoot the Shape!
Speed Math
How fast can you do math?
Play Tic-Tac-Toe against another player or the computer. Different board sizes and computer strength!
Uncross the Lines
The lines are crossing each other all over the place! Move the vertices (corner points) and bring order.
A dice game like Yahtzee. How high can you score?