Activity: Parking Spaces

How many parking spaces are being used?

car park

Find an area where people park their cars ... along the road or in a parking lot.

Make sure you can count the spaces without getting run over! Find a safe place such as on the grass or in a building that looks out over the area.

Step 1: Count the total number of parking spaces (whether used or not). This will make it easier later:

You might also like to make a sketchof the area.

Step 2: Count the used (or empty) spaces every hour. Use this chart:


Spaces Used

Spaces Empty



The total will always be the same (you worked it out in step 1). It is up to you to count Spaces Used or Spaces Empty, and then calculate the other by subtracting from the Total.

If you work on this with a friend you can take it in turns to do the counting.

If you want to, you could even count the spaces every 10 minutes!

Step 3: Graph your results. You can use Data Graphs to help you, or plot it by hand.

parking spaces used graph


In this example there were a total of 32 spaces.

You can see:

Step 4: What does your data show?

Step 5: The future ...

... if the area got busier (maybe some new houses or shops), would there still be enough parking spaces?