Activity: Sorting Shapes

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Let's sort flat shapes in different ways!

You will need some shapes. You can buy some, or make your own like this:

Now we have our shapes, let's sort them by color:

shapes sorting by color

That was easy!


Now for a harder task, sort them by size!

shapes sorting by size
This was how my shapes ended up ... your result may be different!


NOW, sort them by how many edges they have.

I am not going to show you how, but here are some hints:


NOW, sort them by how many corners they have.

Did anything change? What about the teardrop shape?


Next, can you sort them by curves:

The ones with only straight edges are called Polygons.


And your last task:

Sort them by two methods at the same time! By color, but with the curved shapes on the top row:

shapes sorting by color and curve
Here I am sorting them by color and curved-or-not


Bonus task:

Sort them by color and how many edges


Now just go ahead and combine the shapes into artwork:

shapes sorting bye bye