My solstice wish for all of us

Well, here we are guys — on the eve of the long-awaited (or dreaded?) winter solstice 2012, the first-time end of a 26,000 year segment of the Mayan calendar. The Mayans didn’t intend or believe that to mean the end of the world in a physical sense, but it’s definitely significant, and, if Mayan astrology/astronomy was tied in with the natural world, as it must have been somehow, there might be some physical effects on us. Some have said, for example, that the earth’s magnetic poles could reverse, resulting in major changes in the way our technology works (or doesn’t). We’ll find out…

I admit to feeling a bit nervous about it, about on the scale of Y2K, which turned out to be a non-event. Fortunately for me, because the only thing I did to prepare for it (fill my tub with water) was a failure — the tub plug turned out not to work very well. I haven’t done anything on the material plane to prepare this time, other than having a few more food supplies (and extra toothbrushes and shampoo) around than usual. But I am thinking — and feeling — a spiritual significance.

I think that just as the winter solstice is always a natural time to let go of whatever’s not serving us and focus on what would serve us better, kind of a natural New Year’s, this must be the mother of all chances/winter solstice times to do that. Hence, my wish: that after 3:11 AM tomorrow morning (when the solstice actually occurs) we all focus on being more conscious, present, loving, and aware of our indissoluble connection. We stand or fall together, mes amis — not just us humans, but all of us living creatures. And it seems that the humans, by virtue of our vaunted intelligence, have more power than other species — at least, right now. I’m talking about the negative power to destroy much of creation, much of this beautiful life. I believe we also have the power to wake up and cease and desist all the crap going in that direction. Not that we’ll never make another mistake — we’re human, after all — but we can focus with all our puny might on a new intention: to accept, to love, to share ourselves, to honor and protect life…and the world we’ve known, the world of 9-11’s and Newtown, Connecticuts, the world of senseless wars and hatreds, will end. I think we have that power.

Just as it does after every winter solstice, the light will be returning. There will be more light every day from now until the summer solstice, June 21, 2013. That’s my wish: that on this apparently more-important-than-ever winter solstice the light will increase — our collective inner light.

So, here’s to the new age! Let your “little” light shine! I love you, us, everything. You do the same, and we’ll be good. See ya next year…

About (They Got the Guns, but) We Got the Numbers

I'm an artist and student of history, living in Eugene, OR. On the upside of 70 and retired from a jack-of-all-trades "career," I walk, do yoga, and hang out with my teenage grandkids. I believe we can make this world better for them and the young and innocent everywhere, if we connect with each other and create peaceful, cooperative communities as independent of big corporations and corporate-dominated governments as possible.

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  1. I share your prayers and dreams for the future. Thanks for expressing them so beautifully.

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