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CrimethInc. : What Will It Take to Stop the Police from Killing?

Police killings are continuing or even increasing despite widespread public attention and reform efforts. We need to revisit our strategy.
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Please click on this link and read every word. It’s a clear and succinct formula for the changes we need and the most effective way to make them.

Venezuela #2

Remember Allan Nairn’s recommendations for a fair settlement in Venezuela (see yesterday’s post)? Well, right in line with them, as Amy Goodman reports this morning, “Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has reached out to Pope Francis, asking for his help to bring about a peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela. Maduro is facing increasing international pressure to resign from office two weeks after opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself to be Venezuela’s interim president. Guaidó made the announcement on January 23rd after speaking to U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who offered support from the Trump administration. Since then, a growing number of countries have openly recognized Guaidó’s claim to the presidency, including Austria, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Italy has blocked a European Union statement recognizing Guaidó, and Ireland and Greece have called for new elections but have not recognized Guaidó’s claim to the presidency. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan opposition and the United States have rejected an offer by Mexico and Uruguay to host talks between the two sides.” This last was the second of Nairn’s recommendations.

Looks like things are going according to plan for the Trump administration – and long-term U.S. policy (domination of the Southern Hemisphere). Not fair, not right, and not in the interests of ordinary Venezuelans.

From “Democracy” to Freedom and No Borders now available in “Resources”

In case you’d like to read my edits of the above books, available online for free from crimethinc, they’re now in the Resources/Non-fiction Books section of the drop-down menu at the top of the page (book titles listed alphabetically). From “Democracy” to Freedom gives the anarchist view of representative and “direct” democracy, showing how these forms of government always end up dominated by minority elites, and No Borders explains borders and migration, especially from Mexico and Central America, better than anything else I’ve read (the author worked on this border for years, helping migrants stranded in the desert).

I edit books and articles as I read or reread them for simplification, conciseness, and clarity, occasionally adding my own comments. I do this without permission or copyright in the spirit of free access to ideas and information, because I believe that for many reading the originals may be so difficult and time-consuming that they won’t persist to the end. Feel free to go to the originals, if you prefer.

P.S. If you want to help the migrants

If you want to help the migrants, go to or Carecen in particular has a bond fund to help migrant applicants pursue their cases out of detention, staying with friends or family instead of in grim ICE conditions.

Where to find the list of utopian/dystopian novels

Thanks to my friend Connie for pointing out the difficulty here. To view the list of utopian/dystopian novels, you have to click on “Utopian/dystopian novels” under “Fiction” in the “Resources” menu at the top of the web page. In other words, sometimes in Resources a menu item just shows you a sub-menu; other times you have to click on it to see what’s there. If that doesn’t make sense to you (describing how to do computer stuff is hard!), just experiment. Happy reading!