Starter Puzzles

These are good puzzles to try when you are first getting into the world of puzzles:

12 Days Of Christmas
According to the traditional song, on the first day of Christmas (25th December), my true love... Try Puzzle >>
A Brave Puzzle
Only for the brave, this one!

This square has eleven letters missing, which you have... Try Puzzle >>
Alphabet Numbers
Using any letter only once, what are the largest and smallest numbers that you can write down... Try Puzzle >>
Alphabet Spaghetti
Spaghetti is famous for the way it all gets tangled up on the plate. Those of you who think... Try Puzzle >>
Ancestrally Speaking
Hungry Horace was looking through the family photograph album, which has a photo of each of... Try Puzzle >>
And Mint Sauce
Six wolves catch six lambs in six minutes.

How many wolves will be needed to catch... Try Puzzle >>
Birds in Trees
There are 2 trees in a garden (tree "A" and "B") and in both trees are some birds.

The... Try Puzzle >>
Birthday Smarties
The Birthday Cake has all gone but there are twelve piles of Smarties left. Each pile is held... Try Puzzle >>
The diagram below shows a cross-shaped box containing three numbered blocks.

The... Try Puzzle >>
Calendar Confusion
If I said that in three days' time it would be a Thursday, I am sure that most of you... Try Puzzle >>
Draw a circle with radius 5 cm.

Draw a second circle with radius 3 cm, outside... Try Puzzle >>
Christmas Pudding
Father Christmas spends 364 days of the year as a taster of Christmas puddings (which is why... Try Puzzle >>
Count the Shapes
How many triangles are there in this diagram?

Bonus question: How many quadrilaterals?
Try Puzzle >>
Do Not Pay Any Less, Mrs Mess
Mrs Mess was buying a set of garden furniture. The bill was seventy dollars.

She... Try Puzzle >>
Easter Eggs - Eggsactly
Hungry Horace's just loves the blue Easter Eggs.

He went to the shop to buy one... Try Puzzle >>
Eating Pies
Father Christmas has to visit a lot of homes on Christmas Eve when he is out delivering presents.... Try Puzzle >>
Four Children
Sam's Mother has four children:

April, May, June, and ...

What is the... Try Puzzle >>
Fund Raising Fun
Hungry Horace recently went on a Sponsored Walk to raise funds for new equipment at the local... Try Puzzle >>
Hilda The Builder
Hilda made a house from building blocks and it looked like this from the top and two sides:

... Try Puzzle >>
It Must Be Matchic
What's the difference between a match, and the gun used at the beginning of a race?
One... Try Puzzle >>
Mirror, Mirror
If you continue shading the squares so that the two dotted lines become lines of symmetry (mirror... Try Puzzle >>
Order! Order!
The story is told of the enterprising young farmer who crossed a sheep with a frog. Before... Try Puzzle >>
Placing Sheets
Eight squares of paper, all exactly the same size, have been placed on top of each other so... Try Puzzle >>
Santa Has A Bad Code
Father Christmas caught a cold. Fortunately, he did manage to get a message through via one... Try Puzzle >>
The addition sum below is a puzzle I've been trying to solve. The idea is that each type... Try Puzzle >>
Sum-Things Missing
An old Mathematics book contained this addition sum which had been marked correct by the teacher:

The... Try Puzzle >>
The Dual Cabbage Way
Using three straight lines, divide the cabbage patch up into six sections with two cabbages... Try Puzzle >>
The End Of Year Party
Party Time!

Several people of different ages brought things for the party:

Charlie,... Try Puzzle >>
The Holiday Headscratcher
"What day do you go back to school, Horace?" asked his grandmother one day.

"Well,"... Try Puzzle >>